image002The Mago Care foundation is a Dutch organisation founded January 14 2013. Mago is a small village in Kenya where in the last few years a technical school and hotel school/guest accommodation have been built. Significant changes have taken place thanks to a great organisation, involved volunteers and a small budget. For many children the future looks a lot brighter compared to some years ago. Driven by this example and knowing that there is a dire need for medical care and nutrition some volunteers have decided to start Mago Care.


How Mago Care started

DSCN5427The key incentive for starting this foundation is the personal motivation of the volunteers to make a difference in the conditions and life perspective of the inhabitants of Mago using limited resources. The foundation believes in short communication lines and direct aid; all means and support received are fully used for the inhabitants of Mago. The board members do not receive any financial compensation for their activities.