The Mago Care foundation has the objective to provide the residents of Mago in Kenya with a brighter future. The foundation will obtain this goal by realizing two key targets for the inhabitants: providing them with sufficient nutrition and good medical facilities.

A daily meal for 500 children

IMG 0006The food aid mainly targets children. Mago Care will see to it that the children will have a meal during school. This ensures they get all the vital nutrition, helping them to do better in school, which is also essential for their future. A daily meal will also prevent deceases. In 2015 we want to guarantee a daily meal for 500 children. In 2016 and 2017 we would like to raise these numbers by 100 each year.




Medical Centre as from 2014

medicalkenyaThe foundation would like to improve the medical facilities by building a medical centre in the village. Medio 2014 the foundation has ensured that there is a good accommodation, with all the means and instruments necessary and qualified medical staff. With the construction of this Medical Centre, where doctors, a dentist, a laboratory and a pharmacy are established, the foundation wants to give the population an oppurtunity to see a doctor in time for a treatment or a referral to a hospital. Due to the lack of these local medical facilities too many people die needlessly.