The Mago Care foundation relies on donations and is therefore looking for people and companies willing to support this project. With your contribution we can work on achieving our objectives: sufficient food and better medical care for the inhabitants of Mago. Your help is much appreciated!

Please contact us to become a sponsor, or download the one-off or continuous permission and forward it to the address mentioned on the document.

There are various ways to contribute:

Sole donation

Support us with a donation. Every amount will make a difference for the people of Mago.

Provide a child with a meal for a full year

In Mago a meal costs 15 cents per day. For only 35 Euros you will guarantee a child will have a meal at school for a full year. Give one or more children the guarantee of a daily meal.

Become a sponsor

You become sponsor if you donate a minimum of 10 Euros per month, for a minimum of one year. As a sponsor you automatically receive the news letters about the realization of our objectives. These will contain a lot of news and photos from Mago.

Become a partner

You will become partner if you will donate for the period of 3 years a minimum of 100 Euros a year.

Become a business partner

As a business partner of Mago Care you and your company are closely involved with the activities of the foundation. As a business partner you will donate for the period of 3 years a minimum of 500 (bronze), 1000 (silver) or 2500 (gold) Euros per year. You will be involved with the plans of the foundation and it is possible to have an active share in those plans. Of course your organisation and a link to your website will be provided on the Mago Care website. Additionally, you will also be able to use the communication means of Mago Care to advocate your support to this foundation inside and outside of your organisation. As a business partner you will be informed about the realization of the objectives through our website. This will provide you with a clear view of what is being achieved with the means provided by you.